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pope francis lent fasting gossip

Pope Francis: For Lent, one should read the Gospel and include a different kind of fasting: fasting from gossip and spreading rumors or backbiting.

Pope Francis: During Lent, read the Gospel and fast from gossip.

"People should fast from gossip and spreading gossip as part of their Lenten journey, Pope Francis said Feb. 28 after praying the Sunday Angelus. Greeting visitors in St. Peter´s Square, Pope Francis said his advice for Lent included adding a different kind of fasting "that will not make you hungry: fast from spreading rumors and gossip."

Pope Francis: fast from gossip.

"In Lent this year, I will not speak ill of others, I will not gossip, and we can all do this, everyone. This is a wonderful kind of fasting," said Pope Francis

"And don´t forget that it will also be helpful to read a verse from the Gospel every day," he said, urging people to have a pocket edition handy to read whenever possible, even if it is a random verse. "This will open the heart to the Lord," Pope Francis added.

Pope Francis also led a moment of prayer for the more than 300 girls who were abducted by unidentified gunmen on Feb. 26 in Jangebe, in northwestern Nigeria.

Adding to the statements of the Nigerian bishops, Pope Francis condemned the "vile kidnapping of 317 girls, taken from their school," and prayed for them and their families, hoping for their safe return home. The nation´s bishops had already warned of the deteriorating situation in the country in a Feb. 23 statement, according to Vatican News.

"We are truly almost an imminent collapse from which we must do everything possible to withdraw before the worst takes hold of the nation," the bishops wrote responding to an earlier attack. Insecurity and corruption have called into question "the very survival of the nation," they wrote.

Pope on rare diseases.

Pope Francis also commemorated Rare Disease Day, celebrated Feb. 28 to raise awareness and improve advocacy and access to treatment. He thanked all those involved in medical research to diagnose and devise treatments for rare diseases, and encouraged the creation of support networks and associations so that people do not feel alone and can share experiences and advice.

"Let us pray for all people who have a rare disease," he said, especially for the children who suffer from it.

In his keynote address, Pope Francis reflected on the day´s Gospel reading (Mk 9:2-10), in which Peter, James and John witnessed Jesus´ transfiguration on the mountain and his subsequent descent into the valley.

Pope Francis said that pausing with the Lord on the mountain "is a call to remember, especially when we go through a difficult trial, that the Lord is risen and does not allow darkness to have the last word."

"However," the Pope added, "we cannot remain on the mountain and enjoy the beauty of this encounter by ourselves. Jesus himself brings us back to the valley, in the midst of our brothers and sisters and to daily life," the Holy Father indicated. People must take that light that comes from their encounter with Christ "and make it shine everywhere." To kindle little lights in people´s hearts; to be little lamps of the Gospel that bring a little love and hope: this is the mission of a Christian," Pope Francis said in conclusion.

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