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prayer for easter sunday resurrection week prayers

In the prayer for Easter Sunday, Jesus overcomes darkness and rises victorious over death. Prayer for Easter Sunday - Resurrection Sunday

Prayer for Easter Sunday - Resurrection Sunday.

Easter Sunday Prayer, Easter Sunday or Easter Day is the most important day of the year for all Christians. We celebrate the glorious moment when Jesus, the Son of the living God, rose from the tomb after three days of laying down his life on the Cross, rising from the dead, defeating evil forever. Prayer for Easter Sunday brings hope, the joy of living in the living and risen Christ.

Christ is risen.

Jesus is not dead. He rose from the grave, against all the lies and plans of Satan, and promised the greatest and most wonderful promises of His Kingdom.

Two thousand years later, the resurrection still preaches God´s eternal covenant of love in winning every victory for you if you put all your trust in Him and not in the things of the world.

On Easter Sunday, death has been defeated.

Satan conspired with Judas, Pilate and the Jewish leaders of the Sanhedrin of that time to murder the author of life, but "God raised him from the dead, delivering him from the anguish of death because it was not possible for her to have dominion over him" (Cf. Acts 2:24)

And if you believe in him, death cannot stop you either: for Jesus said: "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live" (John 11:25)

Jesus rose from the shadows to demonstrate that he had defeated death. Until that day, death seemed to swallow up every drop of life and hope from generation to generation. "For the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23), and "All are subject to sin, both Jews and non-Jews" (Romans 3:10). How, then, could sinners have any hope of escaping death?

Easter Sunday is a declaration of love.

Jesus overcame darkness and rose in victory to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom and its love. He promised us that he would eventually return and come to give to each one what each of us has reaped.

This Easter Sunday is a declaration of love for God, it is time to point out that our hope is as alive as Jesus.

Today is a great day to declare all your love for God. To stop and reflect by the Lord´s empty tomb, and remember the madness of extreme love that God could do for you and me.

Prayer for Easter Sunday.

My Risen Lord, how good it is to feel your powerful but welcoming presence that awakens and fills with life all the environments that surround me, driving away all feelings of anguish and abandonment. Help me to remain always close to You because only from You comes that love that sustains me, that strength that restores me and all that power to continue to fight with courage.

Thank you for your eternal sacrifice of love on the Cross, for your glorious resurrection that invites me to renew my heart in your promises, and thank you for all the moments of prayer that we have enjoyed together. Help me to recognize you at all times, to feel that you are alive and present, to feel your closeness and the warmth of your voice that comforts and brings peace to the soul. Only your voice I want to follow, only your voice I want to feel.

Help me to recognize your voice in the sadness and joy, in times of distress. I want to call upon it and surrender to your will because you have defeated death and given me the gift of salvation. I ask you to continue to work in me, to continue to bless me and to open up paths of healing, health, strength and hope. Train me with your wisdom to know how to break down every wall of pain that does not allow me to move forward.

Give me the grace to be able to free myself from fear and oppression, to feel capable and courageous to go out and announce all that is good in your promises. I want to be born again in the Spirit, to remake my life to praise and adore You because in no other hands could I be safer. Amen.

Meditation for Easter Sunday on audio.

We are filled with joy and deep joy as we feel the Lord´s love return to us from the darkness on this Easter Sunday, the Lord´s Resurrection. This meditation tells us a little of that hope that it means for us to have Jesus Christ alive and risen in our midst.

Holy Week prayers.

We want to offer you now, all the prayers of Holy Week so that you may reflect on each of the readings offered to us by the mystery of the life, work, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Through praying the Easter Sunday prayer we feel the joy resting in our hearts. Christ is alive, Christ is risen. A new life has been born in our spirit. This inexhaustible love has come to us, conquering death and giving us the gift of eternal salvation. Together with the above Holy Week prayers, we are strengthened in faith and love Happy Easter Sunday! Happy Easter. Christ is risen. Christ lives, alleluia, alleluia.

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