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St. Anthony of Padua performed, in the name of God, many miracles but by a Mule he demonstrated the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

St. Anthony of Padua performed two wonderful miracles in one: he converted a stubborn sinner and made everyone believe in the living presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Desirous of novelties and prodigies to satisfy the craving for great sensations, men generally give more importance to miracles which benefit the body than to God´s grace which saves souls.

Perhaps for this reason, due value is not given to the greatest gift Jesus left us: His real presence in the sacrament of the Eucharist.

It was with this difficulty that St. Anthony also met in his preaching in the south of France, in the city of Toulouse.

St. Anthony and the mule that adored the Eucharist.

One day he had in front of him one of the hardest sinners who did not believe in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.

St. Anthony of Padua gave reasons, explained the arguments, with so much virtue and wisdom, that the man ended up keeping quiet, not knowing what to say. He was overwhelmed but did not want to give himself up:

"Yes, I see you´re right, but I want just one thing... let´s leave the words and go to the facts. If you can prove, by some miracle, in the presence of all the people, that the Body of Christ is really in the consecrated host, I will abandon my mistakes and become a Catholic!"

"I accept!" said St. Anthony of Padua, full of confidence in the omnipotence and mercy of his divine Master.

"Then do what I ask of you... I have a mule in my house. I´m going to lock her up and leave her without any food. After three days, I´ll bring this mule before you and all the people. I´ll put a lot of oats in front of it, and you´ll present what you say is the Body of Jesus Christ. If the starving animal abandons its food to go and meet that God who, as you say, must be worshipped by every creature, I will wholeheartedly believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church."

The days passed and the date was set. The people came from everywhere and filled the great square where the test was going to take place. Everyone waited with an easily imaginable expectation. Nearby, St. Anthony of Padua was celebrating Holy Mass in a chapel.

And behold, the unbeliever emerged, bringing his mule and bringing the animal´s favorite ration. A crowd of his followers accompanied him, certain of his victory.

At the same moment, leaving the chapel, Saint Anthony of Padua emerged with the Blessed Sacrament in his hands. An enormous silence was made... and the strong voice of the Saint cut off the air:

"In the name and by the virtue of your Creator, whom I, though unworthy, bring in my hands, I order you, poor animal, to come without delay to bow down humbly before the King of Kings. It is necessary for these men to recognize that every creature must submit to God the Creator, that every Catholic priest has the honor of making him descend on the altar!"

At the same time, oatmeal was offered to the mule that was starving...

And the miracle was present!

The animal, without paying any attention to the porridge offered, and following the words of St. Anthony, bowed to the name of Jesus Christ, bent his legs and prostrated himself before the Sacrament of Life, as a sign of adoration.

A joyful demonstration by the Catholics took place in the square, while the others were subjected to terror and confusion.

The owner of the mule, keeping his promise to St. Anthony of Padua, abandoned his mistakes and became a faithful son of the Holy Church.

The Eucharist conquered unbelief.

This poor man needed a wondrous miracle to believe. But a much greater miracle was worked by Jesus Christ in his soul. Because this sinner had lost his faith and was dead to grace, God made him relive divine life by bringing him back to the communion of the Church.

And the conversion that the logical arguments of a saint could not obtain, in an instant, Jesus the Eucharist accomplished.

Certainly, Jesus also made that man´s words of goodness resound within his soul, similar to those he said to a Spanish religious sister, Sister Josefa Menéndez:

  • Tell men that in that hour (Holy Communion), not being able to contain the fire that consumes me, I invented that marvel of love that is the Eucharist, because the Eucharist is the invention of Love!

  • It is out of love for souls that I am a Prisoner in the Eucharist. I remain there so that they may come with all their bitterness to console themselves together with the most tender and best of parents and of the Friend who never abandons them, and that love which is exhausted and consumed for the good of souls finds no correspondence...!

  • Ah, poor sinners! Do not depart from me! Night and day I wait for you in the Tabernacle... I will not censure you for the crimes you have committed, I will not hold them against you.

  • Don´t let yourselves be carried away by a thousand useless worries, and reserve a moment to visit and receive the Prisoner of Love!

  • When your body is emaciated or sick, you do not find time to go to the doctor who will cure you... Come, then, to the One who can give your soul strength and health and give an alms of love to this Divine Prisoner who awaits you, calls you and desires!

  • I dwell among sinners to be their Salvation, Life, Physician and at the same time Remedy in all the diseases generated by corrupt nature. As payment, they turn away, outrage me and despise me...!

  • And, meanwhile, I am in the tabernacle all night and wait... I ardently desire that they come to receive me... that they ask my advice and request the grace they need...

  • O you, dear souls, why are you so cold and indifferent to my Love... Will you not have a moment to give me some proof of love and gratitude?

  • I have an ardent thirst to be loved by men in the Blessed Sacrament, and I find almost no one who tries to satisfy that desire and to repay that love".

These words, Jesus addresses to each one of us, to you, dear reader, who run your eyes along these lines. It is from the tabernacle of the parish church, where He is locked up, day and night, that He also makes an affectionate invitation to you:

"Do you not have a minute of your day to come and visit me?

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