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One of the greatest and most famous miracles involving St. Anthony of Padua is the miracle of preaching to a group of fish

Saint Anthony of Padua, born in Portugal more than 800 years ago, is well known to all Catholics as the seeker of lost things. He was the second fastest canonized saint in history. He is also one of the most influential saints in the Church, recognized throughout the world for his miracles and his preaching.

But who is Saint Anthony?

St. Anthony of Padua was declared a Doctor of the Church because of his important contributions to the teaching of the Church. St. Anthony became a university professor and spent years learning theology and Latin. He was especially known for his eloquent gift of preaching the Gospel.

Because of his extensive knowledge of the Bible, St. Anthony taught and preached in his native Portugal and later in his new home in Italy, where he died. It was his ability to preach and his knowledge of the Scriptures that made St. Anthony particularly effective in speaking to non-Christians.

The great miracles of St. Anthony.

Beyond his education and preaching skills, St. Anthony is known as one of the great miracle workers, healing the sick, raising the dead. St. Anthony is even known for the miracle of the mule to adore the Blessed Sacrament. But one of his most famous miracles involves preaching to a group of fish.

Saint Anthony and the miracle of the fishes.

History says that one day Anthony went to the city of Rimini, Italy, where there were many heretics. Saint Anthony began to preach in the streets and squares, but they did not want to listen to him, and they even made fun of him. In a dramatic gesture, St. Anthony went to the seashore, saying:

"Because you show yourself unworthy of the word of God, behold, I turn to the fishes so that your unbelief may be shown more clearly."

As he spoke of God´s care for those creatures living in the waters, a school of fish swam near the shore, partly pushing themselves out of the water and seeming to listen attentively to St Anthony´s preaching.

At the end of his sermon, the Saint blessed them and it was there that this school of fish swam away. Meanwhile, the impression they made on the people of the town who were witnessing such a wonderful miracle was so profound that many rushed back to town imploring their friends to come and see the miracle, while others broke down in tears asking for forgiveness and turning their hearts to God.

Soon after, a large crowd gathered around the Saint, who told them that they had to return to God. So through this sermon, the city of Rimini was purged of heresy.

Saint Anthony is still at working today.

With this miracle, St. Anthony of Padua addresses, in a sense, all of us in today´s world. He asks each of us today: "Are you a true Christian?

One of the most important things to understand about Christianity is that it is not primarily a philosophy, or a system of ethics, or a religious ideology. Christianity is an authentic personal relationship with Jesus. To be a Christian is to know Christ as our friend.

Jesus is at the door and he is knocking. He is waiting for an answer. He wants to come in and be part of our lives. Have we opened the door or are we still waiting? May St Anthony of Padua, through this miracle of the fish, also open our hearts to hear the love that God wants to transmit to us through his Word.

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